Goodmorning, Glory

You look into the eyes of a solemn king and you receive so many gifts, of what should and what should not be. What degree should he rule and in what way should I create a kingdom, that neither leaves you in the doorway or the last exit before the water runs high and cleanses the castle.

But for the most part, these souls know how to cultivate a space where their errors seem similar to the lost soul, a lost cause or lost objective that was deterred by hopelessness, are we all hopeless? Well without the religion you believe, you are standing on a ground of trembling pretenses.

But kiss, but kiss survival in the mouth, let it know how much you notice it can no longer just be survival, but a goal a dream a mission that is in the guise of a purpose you may find in others and eventually yourself.

You are the most important angel in this scene, the angel of minimal rest, patience and glory, angels just so happen to live on Earth, the quiet few that do, make sure the will of righteousness happens regardless of the consequences and pains of others, well I think that causes an agenda of a spiritual course.

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