The Sartorialist Pick Of The Day

Noir rouge dans la romance chère Florence: The Sartorialist

The more we understand fashion, the more we can bring in our understanding and necessary appreciation of aestheticism.The “grounded” religion of the trendy, the fashionable and the beautiful. The sublime neither adjusts or removes itself from the sphere of fashion, but it does know of solidarity and validation.

La femme en rouge, the distinct color of your crown becomes a central point of  beauty but the equilibrium follows shortly after with the vessel that is your body drenched, devoured and lost in noir.

Black caves, layered over the transparent, admirable soul you present in the lens of the camera. A black canvas of subdued blue, brown and gray, where does the brightness belong, I believe the light resonates throughout the construction of your ensemble.

You can understand, that I can sense your comfort, sense your being in the one of the most positionable shots, I can remember today. I can sense us, admiring you for the fashion, style but lastly your survival. Noir x Rouge.

How quickly we admire….