Goodmorning, Glory

Where am I, I am right here, the place where you last saw me is just a muse to reach the incredible, the powerful, but when you were there, your position was different. When you knew me there, perhaps we were closer, entangled souls in understanding but you live so deeply in protection, that you can no longer feel what I offered in the stand of a long course instead of those in the temperament.

I can see individuals who wish me well, need time to wish me well and want me to do well while believing in their arms. Innocence leaves you in what you may say, a misunderstanding from time to time, on occasion the pain of others are sacrificial figures of who you are, an innocent soul, the child of growth that literally needs GOD to understand, why he has hurt so many…to points of destruction and rebirth.

But go ahead, it seems as if it was necessary, we discovered who we really are in the alchemy, so in the construction of your new city, remember the soldiers who listened to the most high to build anew, respect to those lost, as they are going to places of angelic nature and I am definitely on the path to mine.

"V":  © Anthony J. Thomas

“V”: © Anthony J. Thomas