Sartorialist Pick Of The Day


Feutre Marron Femme: The Sartorialist

The matron of our time together happens to be the personal glare of the lens, you hold so rightfully comfortably in the hand, of the fragile utensils belonging to creativity.  I find familiarity in the graceful manner of your soft brown hue of your eyes, which alludes to the prominent color spectrum of your wardrobe today. I have much to think of when I regard your ensemble as one of passionate choice, but as stoic as you may seem you are indeed the texture of the most finest fabrication, which calls for a greater sense of sensibility than the average subject, well you know my usual subject.

The intricacy of your fit calls for an distinct coordination between color blocking and a conjoined color palette. The trousers and the brogues are of familial relation to the dandy but in your case, the last pillar of common era in the style choices you managed to select today for our observation. I have this lost sense of what to make of what you are trying to convey, it is quite frightening, at most I know what to make of such a beautiful remarked outfit, but the comfortable nature you so proudly display, leaves me quite speechless.

Minimal judgment, well minimal to find to judge, just as the royal blue print, sprints from the wool blazer for the second you embrace my attention, I have quickly realized that you have achieved what most search until days end to discover. The incredible sensuous texture of knowing what you look amazing in and the knowledge not to taint such a feeling or impose on others. Un femme le maison, the comfortable woman, you are always home…this facet just expresses style..well personality.