Closing Anecdote ’12. | 8:20 PM | 1.1.13

Photography by Tahir MckenzieArtwork by Anthony J. Thomas

Photography by Tahir Mckenzie
Artwork by Anthony J. Thomas

Carved a well positioned lifestyle of triumph and red flares. God, GAWD, GOHD. I have seen the reason why those who are weak reach insanity and those who are strong, are those present to help the weak seek the value of strength and personal encouragement. But far as my treasures go, they were assisted with hate, sorrow, happiness, glory, murder, inclusive thoughts of death, children and smiles both damaging and supplemental. Have you seen that side of life yet? Have you seen this side of life, when you have designated your character as one, most true to your soul away from the destruction man, who the fuck are you? Who are you, you have hearts who are caged in the process of forgetting you, as you scream on mountains of bliss and incomparable devils that want your soul on the next alcoholic purchase, but that is the beauty of the surviving angel.

The angel who knows he has to visit this realm to go to the next state, but who sits at my round table knowing so without wielding a knife on my next chapter of success, depression and glory. Who wants to pull the knife out on a child? Who wants to rob this child of love, and enjoyment. Do you, would you, have you. I have no right to ask such questions, but I can attest to the answer of “no” because we have, as children that is the process in which we learn love and most importantly grow. Thoughts of a solid temple of reclusiveness that only you can access, but they just want IN…EN MAISON. your home, that is why I build fortresses multiple, with my children so my words become futile in the bigger picture, your interest is the bigger picture, you just never laid the blueprint out for the eyes to see, because you were in fear of lost security and lost happiness.

Los. Happiness. these questions are ghosts of glorious moments of 2012, they are never to be answered because each answer you provide will follow with a question, requesting more information in search for suffice evidence to support your report or note of what you think I should do next time or next year, one thing is for sure. This was a small note of what we will do, of what we are constructing, at bay with failure because this is curated by the most high. HE is calling the press, making the connections building the network for us to conquer the weak foul play. We are soldiers, soldiers for God, soldiers saving the kids from the weak sh*t and most importantly marching yelling WE LIVE THIS.