Goodmorning, Glory

The feeling of losing something that you cannot have, is an irreversible sense of damaged departure. Well the question of committing to your dreams manages sacrificial pretenses that we have to endure to reach the second life, away from the normative to the endowed. I believe in us, I believe in moving on, I believe in building again, I believe in breathing again. I have children now, I have a family that I have to take care of, I have hue’s that come to me for help, colors that ask me for assistance in bringing their upmost capabilities to light. Little do they know, I manage to wipe tears away with the smears of a rainbow’s depression. I am what you can call a blend of multiple things, sorrow, happiness, those that have indifference to me, ghosts who wish me well, spirits who cover me when I am alone, words that cheat my emotions of pure form, sentences that become confused in alcoholic treasures, blessings that benefit my psyche and show me this is all for me, not in vain, all for me, art in me, soul in me, not in vain, live in me, I am me. I am in the vein of my own existence, cerebral mostly. When I come down to visit this Earth we seem to inherit, it is but a coffee break from the master plan I have divinely encountered, and will build with the help of DAD. GOD. D.A.D.