The Sartorialist Pick Of The Day


“Regard intense, la femme” : The Sartorialist

Beautiful in tone, preserved through what you have encamped your style in this day, on our meeting acquaintance. I have more than one benefit here: I can address the gaze in which you claimed innately describes your modesty and humble ground or I can revel in your taste of dress…possibly the latter but it is impossible to do so, without encountering or highlighting both.

Wool neck garments and a cranberry hide uniform, I can sense a warm familairity between you and the garments, an everyday precision you use to ensure comfortability, while walking the midly judgmental monstrous streets. The vertical mindscape of your under garment, escapes but a little registry of my camera lens, but I find it suppressed and undeserving, well am I undeserving.

When I approached for the details of style, you gave me the intricacies of emotion, the drag of worry, the occupancy of sorrow or indifference. It became a rather serious feat, to complete the shot while the thoughts of your mind breathed relentlessly on my lens, offering a piece of solitude and demanding focus, who am I to judge? Who am I to question? Who am I to take this photo, I think today…you and I will just speak to each other, just dress each other in concern. For these clothes know not of the soul, only the breath of enjoyment and reception.