Goodmorning, Glory

End? There are so many cases of the “end” in this lifetime, style and being we know. When the doctor delivered you into the world did he assure you of death? Wait, did he assure you of the doubt, indifference and conflict you may encounter by just being yourself. But are we just ourselves. I literally laughed at the last sentence, are we ourselves or are we adaptations of the physical being that is the world and it’s characters. We live here, in a world where wearing a costume can ensure success and most importantly survival. Survive imposter, survive imposter. I pray that the imagery I provide is something of true, pure, inspirational form. Inspirational deeds, all there is to deviate us from the forms of commercialism and product is inspiration, deep, deep deep inspiration baby, deep. What inspired me in this post, you ask? My inner being, blessings, both negatively aided by a beverage a man in another state conjured up for the woman, behind the illustrative bulletproof glass to sell to me, sell to me, love to me, is a sell to me. A great sell to me.