The Pusha Diaries: Visual Catalogue | Part 1

Consistent in delivery, and presentation Pusha T is comfortably shaping the rap game, as we speak. Gritty visuals, adorned with witty metaphors add to the cocaine dusted catalogue of the now G.O.O.D music artist, permanently etching his position in hip-hop history. Sticking primarily to the Fear of God era and up, I will select a few videos that represent the artist’s flamboyant flair and eye for detail. 

Title: “Can I Live”  (Freestyle)

Release: April 25, 2011/Director: Mike Carson and Mike Waxx/Project: Fear of God

Honestly, one of the most authentic tracks on the Fear of God project, next to the closing track “Alone in Vegas”. The video is as close to luxury as possible, but more in the sense of the hustler’s afterlife. Adorned with beautiful women, grandiose boats and loafer flair, the video is Pusha’s response to the ending of Scarface. There is an immense reference to Scarface and a nod to the “life after death” motif.

Title: “Open Your Eyes”

Release: May 10, 2011/Director: Orson Whales/Project: Fear of God

Liberated by Orson Whales one of Pusha T’s videographers, “Open Your Eyes” pictorially delivers the wit and construction of Pusha T’s verse frame. Through pictorial metaphors and a seamless background, Pusha places his lyrics on the forefront of the video and in turn produces the rapper’s monologue. At this point, Pusha begins to play the solo role, as he is the only figure existent in this and future videos, especially on record’s of intense reverence.

Title: “Blow”

Release: May 16, 2011/Director: Mike Carson and Mike Waxx/Project: Fear of God

This is one of my favorite Mike Waxx (Illroots family) directed videos. Interestingly, the video depicts Pusha T in a direct one lens assault, placing immense emphasis on the cocaine injected lines of the artist’s verse. Similar to the perspective of “Open Your Eyes” Pusha removes the unnecessary company and creates a conversation between the camera lens and track. In typical Mike Waxx fashion, the video includes sporadic stop action images, consisting of typography and images hinting at the witty lines, Pusha T produces every 2.5 seconds.

Title: Exodus 23:1 (Ft. The Dream)

Release: May 29, 2012/Director: Samuel Rogers/Edited by: Samuel Rogers &  Mike Carson/Project: N/A

One of the more recent releases from the artist, the track has an almost eerie, intense vibe which deserved an even more raw aesthetic, that can only be provided by Pusha’s classic trap images. Exodus 23:1 alone is a strong statement, especially with the controversy amongst the record’s lyrics, but in classic Pusha T style, the artist returns to Virginia. Complete with cocaine abuse images, and the ironic beauty of a soul’s demise, due to the hands of the streets and the grasp of drug/money addiction, the video is bold to say the least. Pusha T makes it apparent that there is true beauty in even the dirtiest aspects of an individual’s corruption and manipulation. Underlying the heavy beat and Notorious B.I.G sample, there is a lot being said, the video helped solidify so.

To Be Continued…Part 2…Well wishes…