Goodmorning, Glory

The minute factor of importance and the interpretive dance of inquiry. Believe comfortably in the change, that these children will see set forth. The rise of the hands of miniature empires, who believe in honesty and complexity only sought after when ignorance  is used as a force against them. Are you a child, am I a child. Are we children, in the same field, racing to get to the power button, to have our segment on the success channel, where the nap time is endowed to those who are deprived of sleep, but wealthy in prayers.

The children, who above all else enjoy style, but enjoy finding those alike in style, even greater. The chase to get the most out of life, the thrill to fall and get scarred  and find the aid that can warm your heart while encouraging you to beware of the trip again.

We are children, we all are, we never changed we just woke up one day with longer legs, arms and thoughts. I am embracing this theory are you?