Pull Over N Park | Yung Sir | 11.30.12 (Visual: 0.002)

An endeavor that has brought me to an element of videography, lies in this project I am currently presenting to you. The vignette above is the trailer for recording artist: Michael “Yung Sir” Davis, who I featured on the site very briefly two months ago: Artist Profile: Michael: “Yung Sir” Davis.

The footage above is a culmination of interest, fashion and art: a platform in which I revel and despise, as I use each as a muse to create…what I believe can further the arts of my own interpretation. The trailer is the prelude to the upcoming film for the artist’s leading single: “Pull Over N Park” from his developing EP Life’s A SIRRRprise, set for release January 1, 2013.

The film will feature the likes of visionaries, designers and creatives alike who have the touch of intellect and breath of immense thought. As I am producing the visuals, I am presenting the film as a forum where the individuals mentioned above, have input and the opportunity to present suggestions, as I build the film’s composition. The visual above was edited and directed by yours truly, creating what I hope a sense of anticipation for the film’s release. The mastered version of the single is slated for release 12.30.12, just in time for the visuals campaign to begin.

To best describe the motif of the film: “Cinematic tragedy, orchestrated by a trap infused ballet”

Thank you.


Twitter: Michael “Yung Sir Davis” 

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