GoodMorning, Glory

I asked for the singularity. I asked to be noticed in a light custom to my form, well me. I also inquired on serenity and if this life at all, enabled just a bit, just a mere anecdote away from the splendor found in the social appreciation and the bask of my own glow. “*******************” cries of my inner being, welcoming the new embraces and ugly faces that haunt me, haunt me, haunting, daunting and taunting. You know only so much, because the rest of my conflicting doubt would shred your imagination, just as mine does when I am in immense thought. But I must revel, I am around a new environment, but the old facets seem to highlight the ordeal over and over, I am just praying I win over and over. Praying that I win. Praying.