#BLK A/W ’12 Collection | Lease On Life Society | 12.2.12

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Black, “BLK”, Noir. This is the thesis for the latest collection, of the beautifully constructed museum that is the Lease on Life Society brand. Building from tailoring and prime alteration, the brand’s curator Everard Best has debuted a collection, worth a position in the current fashion community and the individualistic forms, designers are using to express their own integrity as well as creativity.

The collection features finely cut shirts and designs manually handled and built by Best, conveying the line’s knack for quality. There seems to be a sense of uniformity in the presentation, as the visuals integrate industrialism and luxury, in an affair of urbanism far away from the reach of streetwear.

Select pieces of the “BLK” collection include:  The “SVGE” Pom-Pom Beanie featuring the acronym (Savage) stitched boldly in white, the “UNKWN GOD” graphic tee with a loose silhouette, adorned with an image of Jesus Christ, merged with an underlying image of a roaring lion, and “The Waxed  and Striped Sweater”  with intricate fabrication; a staple element of the Lease on Life Society brand.

The “BLK” collection also entertains the taste of the female audience, creating a balance of uni-gendered style and fine fashion. The canvas for the detail of the collection revolves around the hue of black, but the conceptualism behind the collection’s construction is equally as mystifying.

The collection is available for online retail here: LeaseonLifeSociety.com.

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