2:05 PM Muse. (Jean-Michel Basquiat)

Do you honestly believe that it is possible to channel the energy of a stranger that passed away more than twenty one years ago? I tend to think so, is this too explicit, does this mean I’m crazy? Or am I just digging to deep? I know you feel like you just walked into a room of a million questions and are expecting answers, but I do not have any. One thing is for sure, Jean-Michel Basquiat is my inspiration. For he is just another model in my bag of muses who have inspired the development of .1950(Mamie) and “Enfants pris au piege des rois” debuting this season.

J.M.B….damn. Since the early days of TheBedStuyDandy (a year ago), I have always discussed, exemplified or highlighted Jean-Michel Basquiat’s influence in the 21st century whether in the spectrum of music, art or fashion. Although I have done so for quite some time now, I have failed to illustrate or converse with you on the influence this man has made on my own career and .1950(Mamie) as a whole. I discovered Basquiat during my first Art History course at my soon ex college John Jay college of Criminal Justice (don’t worry I’m graduating) through his career and work I discovered my admiration of Fine Art, more specifically Art History. The 80’s art world is sometimes revered as the most flashy, commercial period of the art institution, and Jean-Michel is usually considered the martyr of the generation. Contemporary time has shown affection and several nods of acknowledgment towards Basquiat’s creativity, as I too have taken time to pay tribute to one who I consider an “old master” despite his limited amount of time here on Earth.

For the most part Jean-Michel Basquiat has not only influenced the structure of Mamie, but also the way in which I present my first collection: “Enfants pris au piege des rois”.  I, like Basquiat and countless other African American brothers here in the U.S are kings, royalty to say the least. Jean-Michel’s art spoke limitlessly on the idea of being black, as a plague but a plague of kingship and beauty. Ironic..in any rate my decision to make .1950(Mamie) an art imperative collection was guided by Basquiat’s enthusiasm and intelligence, as well as the selection of mediums I have chosen to express my ideas. Culturally, he reminded me of identity and how judgment changes, once you provide the world with something it deems aesthetically beautiful but difficult to master. Lastly he showed me that genius will only be appreciated when it becomes a commodity.

Well wishes…