The Sartorialist: “Lunch for 25”

Can you imagine anything better? Fashion, great food, different languages and more. The Sartorialist has been a staple in my life since being introduced through the likes of Complex Magazine. The style that is exhibited on the site, brings tasteful imagery of notable designers and fashion enthusiasts. I can also attest to the coveted element of my site: The Sartorialist Pick of The Day, an aspect of this platform where I am able to creatively contribute to the arts and writing, using Schuman’s work as both a medium/muse. Always credited of course.

The coordination of the “Lunch for 25” was definitely a great move on behalf of Scott Schuman. Many of my favorite designers were in attendance, where egos were disposed and knowledge was exchanged. Crisp footage and great editing not only added to the beauty of the event, but the professionalism that is the backbone of The Sartorialist. I have dreams of coordinating events such as this one: maybe I can throw the next lunch…here in Bedford Stuyvesant, Brooklyn. Actually, let us make this a reality. Details…….

If you missed the link in the paragraph above….here it is again. is my pleasure: The Sartorialist