Sartorialist Of The Day

“La dame de concorde et de style” : The Sartorialist

The unified cloth of nature, concords of fabric, style and equation. The reason why you and I never caught eye of each other?  Because the drapery was something of unfamiliar territory, so I occupied my time with that of the ensemble rather than your beauty, which would have deterred me from the peculiarity, of your dress.

There is a small fee lost and an immeasurable deposit gained, when I met the palette of concord landscape but as menial the design may seem, the intricacy of the colors have a greater sense of realism, and tailoring that was meant to be my muse of design and creativity. I loathed you for turning your back for the first two seconds, but I satisfied myself with the attention given by your dress, which became my own after I encompassed my whole activity, with more than admiration but obsession.

I have enough of you. The fabric became what I needed to survive in this one shot, one shot that is all I needed. The essence of you found in the lackadaisical grab of the clutch and the finely altered pant, that served as a canvas for a remarkable pattern. A pattern, a pattern for us to revel in, for the social sphere to revel in.