Goodmorning, Glory (MUSE)

The doubt is in my mind, but never reaches a place of manifestation. The only hubspot, where the evil finds a way to touch my spine in an intricate way of familiarity and indifference. I have this plan, this plan to build on visuals, this plan to build on fashion, this plan to change at least one hundred lives of children before I pass. I have to induce change some way to the arts. I have to induce some change to my heart. I have to complete this chapter in order to help those around me who have sacrificed for my enjoyment and now have in my mind, the right to ride my soul for dependence. Do I create my own burdens, do I create my own triumphs, or am I constructing a romanticized fantasy of what my life should be, an angel rising from the negative or the dark that tries to succumb my psyche. We battle everyday, but what are you fighting and what are you fighting for? I am fighting for Anthony J. Thomas. The army is the talent and blessings, God has endowed me. We will let the roses drape us in victory.