Exhibition: Anthony J. Thomas | AfricaInAmerica: (Reprise) | 12.17.12

This is an historical moment, do you know why? I hope you know why. Every last sentence on this blog has brought me to this point, every period and especially my beloved comma etiquette.

The first step into legitimizing, and solidifying my legacy in the history of the arts and building the foundation of security and love.

Most importantly saving the kids from the weak shit.

This December, I will revel in the blessings given to me by my Father and the glory I am.

Once again, I place my creativity and blueprint on a pedestal. 12.17.12.

Glory, and nothing else has gilded this project enough for me to recognize a need for a reprisal. So I raise my brush again, but this time alone in craft but together in appreciation. This December I ask you to join me, Anthony J, Thomas for a beautiful rendition of love, triumph and understanding. I notice much of this invitation is a letter, so with that I bid you farewell with a welcome.

I Anthony J. Thomas invite you to AfricaInAmerica (Reprise): December 17, 2012 (12.17.12). Blessings, for to you for reading this…see you soon!

Location: 789 Macdonough Street, Brooklyn NY 11233.

Suite #303

Press Request: Anthony J. Thomas.

Time: 6-11pm (Extended Reception Hours available on arrival).

Menu Issued: 12.15.2012

RSVP: rsvp.africainamerica@gmail.com

*Please RSVP with your full name and party number for guest accuracy.