.1950(Mamie) A/W ’12: “Enfants Pris Au Piege des Rois”

This collection has adapted into a presentation based on imagery and emotional connect, rather than fashion and style aestheticism. The collection features pieces of immense thought and conceptualism, creating a series of pieces derived from indifference and love. The collection formerly known as “AfricaInAmerica” has now become: “Enfants pris au piege des rois” a French translation of “Trapped Children of Kings”.  With Maurice Sendak’s Where The Wild Things Are at hand for muse interpretation, I plan to merge, a childhood staple, high fashion imagery and the duality of spirituality, to create dreams.

Teaser: “Enfants pris au piege des rois” Release: 11.24.12 (Midnight)


12.17.12: .1950 (Mamie) A/W ’12 Presentation: “Enfants pris au piege des rois” via AfricaInAmerica: (Reprise); solo exhibition of emerging artist Anthony J. Thomas.