Sartorialist Pick Of The Day

De Sourire Dans le Noir: The Sartorialist

The lure of the facade, that is “noir”. What is our mysterious affection with the livelihood of the color that encompasses so much, in the positive mind’s eye negation and the negative mind’s…comfort. Style knows the palette of sorrow, intricately resembling an entity of artistic pretenses, but is their a relationship between the two.

The bridge between the pangs of both mediums, is the “bridge of black”. What am I talking about, this has minimal purpose or influence on your ensemble, I do believe you were seduced by uniformity.  Ideally you were troubled by the case of too much “noir”, that is why we have the accents of color, of regality, the face of one who enjoys to mirror the contained enjoyment of the outfit.You have done so much for me today, you have textured your body with the cast of quiet, murky, brilliance, while honoring Mrs.Burch and giving us: the audience behind my lens, a perfect rendition of the leather/fur trade.

I will never forget the gloves, the gloves, the separation between you and I when I shook hands to congratulate each other on this beautiful meeting, you were detached, fashionably detached, but in the withdrawal I found a sample of your hue. The tissue of your being, surprisingly I was quite content with the sample’s rapidity, and how quickly it left a sensation in my mind.

You are beautiful, you produced gratification and admiration with one smile, duality by un femme.