Goodmorning, Glory

I am incredibly hungry, I am incredibly hungry. I am incredibly hungry. I speak a lot on what I go through here, well what I prepare myself for and what I endure, yes that sounds better. Never the less, I do remain honest with myself on this platform, I am being prepped for a lot, God is providing preparations now for a lifetime. This week though, this past week, I have seen multiple forms of people, that I have never expected to see, skeletal furnishings and glass laughter, so fragile and imperfect it almost hurts to label it artificial…but I must. I can no longer, look with the lens of sincerity cleaned in the day, but I find, alone in the sanctum of my own self preservation, I am the most sincere. I wish individuals really understood that we are all still children, we never leave the state of childhood, we behave in costume forms, only honest to the things we care the most about, as a child does to his toys, or imaginary friend. The amount of times I hit the delete button during this post, shows that I have learned things beyond the use of the language I have at hand, I am believing that at least one of you guys, someone in this audience can hear me, and understand where I am coming from. If you can, can you comment, and just tell me that you are here. I love, I love so terribly hard this dream, I am turning into reality.