The Sartorialist Pick Of The Day

The Tailored Silence: The Sartorialist

Alterations, tailoring and the merit of the immeasurable moment when the sleeve falls in the gentle nestle of the wrist and allows the glory of both the skin’s vibrant hue and its adornments to love fluently amongst the conversation of style. My brother, my brother. I am of sartorial nature, so this was only right, the “Dandy Affair”. The suit, the finely tailored suit is the weapon of a gentleman and intellectual of style, but a maturing candidate in the election of style. The loafers ponder quietly, how to enjoy its time with such a modern, but classically inspired ensemble, the epitome of the marriage between history and the present.

Are we double breasted or dual in thought? The only reason you acquire diligence because such is found in the intricacies of the fit you have chosen today. The jacket’s black hue is a conference of supplemental enjoyment, not necessary, but definitely recognized. This was a primal decision, to illuminate the dandy’s taste for the finest fabrication, the honest adornments and the impeccable need to present the mind’s gentry in the form of socially amusing pieces, created from the entertainment of the heart and its perfect audience of dressing well.

I salute you.