Goodmorning, Glory

Today seems a little bit different, well at least I think so, a little bit familiar. I am still wondering, wondering, how the world will accept the change I bring forth, the indifference will seem more familiar than ever, but I never began to tell these stories for the fame of the people, but for the fame of the children. I really dislike the fact that you think this is all for you, remember what we said: “In the end this is all for the children, whatever I have to create in order for the children to live better away from the weak sh*t we have here on Earth”. I will dig my hands deep into the ground into the cerebral sanctum of my mind, to produce the sweetest most aesthetically pleasing flower, I can conjure. I prayed for so long to reach my pinnacle, to make history and to make two women I love smile: One deceased and the other, her daughter is praying that my vision comes true. It will, I have one more month to influence the world, before I become a commodity. The future seems a bit safer when you know what’s ahead of you.