Sartorialist Pick Of The Day

Lineation of the Ensemble: The Sartorialist

The lineation of the ensemble, the intensification of the body’s linear construction they must agree, well they have to agree. The line continuously finds itself exemplified by the garments, you choose to highlight the beauty that is your “line”. My line needs a bit more support, from the look of your mask I can tell that the costume you bear today is not what you feel, but what most people expect of you, what you would like the audience to see and listen. I am incredibly drawn in by the theory of the audience’s appreciation, why do they matter so much. Why do I matter so much, so much that when I asked you to pose, you looked away, generically driven with the pose of a angelic muse, but the intensity of a spirit wanting more.

A guess, this whole paragraph, anecdote, mental note is a guess, never made it out to be true, but your response will bring manifestation to my words, well I can only hope. Teal dipped heels of profession, of yellow buffers, an intricate touch for such a warm, impulsive fit. The heels tell the loudest monologue, they scream for attention from not I, but from you. A constant downward reminder that you have allowed color to create the foundation of your piece, as they are the framing of the “art” you have so incredibly made from thought and concept today. The rest well we know where it stands, the conservative aesthetic, the mind blowing conservative aesthetic, blouse conversation, the spectacle affair.

The Mona Lisa expression of indifference, I have seen it all before, but something tells me, that you knew I needed a reminder today. A reminder of the essence of you, your lineation.