Goodmorning, Glory

Requited as we are, as we are, as we are. Requited as we should be, should be, should be. I am a vessel of hit and miss, shoot and trial, lost and found. Counting my blessings each time, you cry and denying myself solemnity every time you smile. I am enough to offer myself to someone who deserves a half empty cup, filled with different substances, I have come across and needed to let go of in order to reach completion. We live in the hearts of those who throw us away, they sing a song of replacement, quite fiction in depiction and realistic in definition, try the four A.M call, or the 9 P.M text, when the months have separated us from time and emotion. I am still considering being the child, because I am. I am still considering the child because I am. I am still considering the children because we are all one.