GoodMorning, Glory

Space, and feathers design a place of textural indifference, soft in disposition but alone in the psyche alone in the realm of space. Are we all alone, well the question resides in the mind of someone who genuinely feels that he may be in a world of disconnect and similarities. But I won’t create a landscape of paradoxical consequences, that’s for the theorists, not I. I will create a landscape more identical. Landscape?

Yes I am developing this concept of life as a multi-leveled complex of sprits, individuals, souls and of course the annex of it all: your mind. I can help you envision the concept in the best way I know possible: Gustave Moreau: Jupiter and Semele, Marco Brambilla: Civilization.This is the way in which I believe the world functions, well not exactly but in the construction of action that surrounds the active and inactive mind |Carrying the remnants of the explosion of the environment, in which one resides. Well, this is all about me, am I self centered?