Goodmorning, Glory

I am entirely too committed to saving others when I hang myself whenever I can at the whim of “OTHERS”  and what they desire. I honestly wonder if I am designed this way because the percentage that actually live in this “religion” apply compassion to the ills of the world and not the ills of the heart. Time has shown us that everyone can be great and time has shown us, greatness is in everyone, but who are you willing to kill to get that gilded trophy of success, which only represents the society that ridiculed you for your talent before, loves that you have managed to become a commodity and love it. I know what you want, I know what I had, I know that the lessons I am learning now dance amongst the demons that taunt and uplift me from time to time. They converse for only three minutes, because that is literally how long it took me to listen to myself and begin living for myself. I continue to grow and I watch how many hearts I break on the way, until someone understands my museum was of optimistic bred, before I began to think of indulgence and not preservation.