12.17.12 | AfricaInAmerica: Reprise | Introduction

Before I managed to look myself in the eyes, I cried for hours wondering what I needed to say to you at this very moment. This post is pivotal because it represents two things. Two things. (1) The next platform of my emotions becoming transfixed in colors of intense expression, thoughts of ignorance and being a child in a world of selfish, selfless, nihilistic souls.  (2): The reason why I began sharing myself with the world.

In less than a month. I will place my work on a pedestal of appreciation and as I walk throughout the night, you can see the tears and happiness I claim from time to time, because the combination creates reality. 12.17.12, is my first solo exhibition entitled AfricaInAmerica: (Reprise) the exhibition is the second installment of the AfricaInAmerica series, and will include the upbringing of my past and the cultivation of my present.

So far, I have told you stories of what I envision for all of us, but this time I must speak on myself, the testimony of Anthony J.Thomas. As always this was the introduction to the exhibition’s presence, the press release will be released tomorrow evening. Everything that I have witnessed and everyone I have met, I would love to be in my presence, we are one, now.