Goodmorning, Glory

The abstract lifestyle, there but never present living but never existent. Obscurity we can explain but so much, the rest we, place in the hands of others of similar experiences and religion. Funny how those who claim spirituality of artificial pretenses are those who are expedient to cry “OH LORD” . I am amused by my mistakes, because they speak to how ignorance resides in the most humble and intellectual being, as the latter I am currently becoming. Last night my closest soldier became wounded and I am became lieutenant. Fear runs wild when you have no ground to plant your feet especially when the soil needs the richest soil to produce. Nana I love you, and I am more than capable of flipping this world upside and shaking all of the glory I know is endowed to our family and I for you, you are the closest thing I have to Mamie, the softest texture, I love you. Glory resides here so I am in prayer for the seal to never deplete our supply.