I remember creating this video, when I cultivated Mamie, as an idea of clothing  but more so a concept of originality as well as philosophy. I believe my loved one, the only loved one that I considered for fabrication is still alive and well and the year of her passing was just a commemoration of hard work. I am more than beautifully blessed, I am a vessel of immense appreciation for your sight, mind and ideas that are building as you read this very sentence. I am a being that needs you to understand that the monetary gain, I will achieve from the social tier I enter, will only benefit the future of my children as well as yours. As I always say, our generation is being molded as we speak, let us take care of  the next set of innovators and tastemakers, the teary eyed, scar stricken, ice cream desirable adults (children). The children will soon be the ones we turn to for help. WE ARE ALL CHILDREN…I AM MERELY A CHILD WITH MULTIPLE OPTIONS (BLESSINGS) Goodnight!