Goodmorning, Glory

The days are only as dark as we make it. I remember saying this and wondering if I was losing my mind or losing sense of what I can and cannot control. A snapshot of a life given, in the height of self appreciation is sweet, but even more tasteful when the social group you are so finely intwined recognizes the greatness you have been endowed. Lost is the man who loses the grips of morals and principals in this time. I was there and can admit that the sample was sweet but the lesson was more desirable than I could ever imagine. Importance has now become, that of procuring a seat for my children as well as yours on  a throne of regality and kingship. I cannot expect to raise or bred a new age of children when my own behavior rests in a bed of moving ills and faults. I cannot rest, so I stay up. Will you deprive yourself of this air to acquire dreams of tranquility and survival, the essence of truly living. NO SLEEP.