Sartorialist Pick of The Day

Spiritual Notation, Merino, Wool, Tweed: The Sartorialist

Notation works best when we exclude the ideas of structure placed by others and place in between, the beautiful coordination between index and thumb…the melodic symmetry between mind and hand. In your case, we both try to write down how we really feel, what we taste, smell and hear,  are you here. Today we left fashion behind us and focused on the excuses given by our being each day to create anew, when we really rest our heads in artificial departure. I laid my head in your glance, well my mind in the direction of your glance, while my physical self felt the fabric that covered the lair of shoulders, that accenuate your posture beyond description. I have merely a desire to touch you, but a great need to see your next thought, excuse my ignorance,  just a product of my environment. Your idea is only as treasurable if brought to manifestation, then they can help you reach where you need to be, where your family needs to be, where I need to be. Right now, between you and I you hold my truth in your possession, but I must go now, if I stay, you have to leave.