Goodmorning, Glory

I ask you to spell existence and tell me what do you hear from each syllable, rolling off of the pink microphone that delivers the strict chords from the depth of  your throat and ideologies of the mind. If everyone knows the grey then that leaves a minimal selection of the chosen few, I am the only being I guess that I can call my own, I realized this when they told me that I was the only reason why their lives have a dark sector. Imagine being the artificial light and everything else playing the role of grace. I am leaving much behind now, and hopefully, faithfully gaining more on the way. I am more closed in than ever now, but that is the usual. I am thinking of moving on to another state, a state of new figures, new ideas and more importantly a new heart, the one I have been granted is precious, but to the underlying souls that I call family, I am a burden. This may have been the saddest song I have ever played on this site, but I am happy that it will be the last, finally I can live knowing that truly everyone does exist for a moment in life in time, I am just gaining this knowledge now, so my kids will not have to guess, when they arrive.