Sartorialist Pick Of The Day

The Third Thread. The Sartorialist

The lens helps you capture what you know genuinely from the thread of your fit, your dress, our mess. Getting dressed for the day, the photographic nomad, such an ensemble for the snapshot of life can be troubling. The fashionable blues, you have orchestrated a melody of denim and knit, finely tuned to the innocence of the omniscient camera lens, your palms so happily enjoy to hold. Green ascents, similar to the gold finishing of a crown, brings resonance to the sweater’s reclusive nature, where the calm deserves sophistication and the most proper adornments. The position of your day rests heavily on the perched lips of your facial landscape, with the decor of the inquisitive eye and casted shadow of your own crown, drenched in black.  Black the artist’s mistress when despair meets innovation, while inspiration watches quietly from the corner at the spectrum ballet, but I digress. Today you and I have met but briefly, I know you have to go. For I have to depart as well, because I am the subject of your next photograph, a heart admiring the snapshot hue of your beauty.