Thinking (12:20).

I have two spirits, one that rests within the confinement of my cerebral, sitting comfortably in my past and the pleasure derived from bashing, while the other spirit lives with my day to day the push to leave the exterior where it should reside in the world, the space of increased judgment. I walk and create the path that I need to solidify in the lives of the others that aren’t as grounded as they believe they are. So my image must remain that of flawless nature, for the both of us, I miss your soul, for what it is worth, this world is as scary and crazy as you predicted. I was home then, now I have built a home of doors of multiple textures, the softest, well your room is the basement, the floor in which I built from. Your room is shut, I am shut. I am forcing too many things, one is life and the other is existing two entirely different concepts. I know what I am building from, but what if that pillar is not as solid anymore, or there for your foundation.