GoodMorning, Glory

I understand more than I did before. Who you are before you are placed amongst others alike is a total being of indifference and an immeasurable sense of ignorance. I hold onto so much pain and in turn I create beauty. So does the base of beauty stem from the negligence of pain or the accepting of its ability to diminish pain in full glory. I am a reclusive animal, barely starving in a jungle of peculiarity and familiarity. I wait, I have waited for those that were potentially the tastemakers to create a new palette for us, a new swatch, a new color to satisfy my survival. Maybe that was a bit passive, but I knew that my place to do the same, or what I hoped for would approach. I feel as if this time is now. As I write this I hope this touches the veins of your motivation and the blood of your ambition. I have waited days to create, and I now know what to create. Create a story, that will solidify my existence on Earth, my existence within myself. My existence subjected to exist.