Goodmorning, Glory

Given a new lens to see what I have foresaken over and over I now appreciate what lies in me, my soul my only soul. I glow, so I can provide the darkness of my soul consumption and the light of my spirit to move on to the darkness that awaits the history, I am born to create. I came here with nothing but consistently dodging artificial blessings and demons that promise their goals and successes to the demise of survival. So how ignorant have I been really, knowing that these demons walk around looking for the next succumbed soul, I still provide the bait in the bottle, in the flesh and the mind. I now have something representable of happiness, something tangible and as the curse I refuse to let reign, tries to destroy my “good thing” I watch intensively and wait for the strike. Two strikes but the third, will have to rest a while.

I glow, I glow, they know it. I know not what they want from King, but to the trapped Queens who are the tastemakers of this journey we travel, consume glory only if you can add to it, never to take away. I am of a different breed, because I know the regular actions of the flesh never sit well with me, so why go against the grain to reach a tangent of uncompromising pretenses. I ask for the rescue everyday and every night but I commit suicide. Partially. Well I asked one more time, and he let me know. I have to learn but the rod is spared one more time. Promise to the survival of a different soul above the Earth.