“Bedtime Confessions Exhibition” (ARTINFLUXHARLEM): Review by Anthony J. Thomas


The collaborative exhibition of artists Leah Poller and Carlos DeMedeiros contributes to the current push in the contemporary art movement, to produce visual art that not only distorts the conventional values of society today, but also presents raw expression to the culturally infused streets of Harlem, New York. Two artists of incredible artistic merit have joined to contribute their innovative work on the Art In Flux Harlem platform. The work converses with the public on topics of religion, social stigmas and sex.

Carlos DeMedeiros, in his post monastery chapter has created work both visually and thought provoking.  Focusing the majority of his work on the religious institution, DeMedeiros collection creates a dialogue exposing the relationship between religion, sexual abuse and social media. This is boldly seen in a piece entitled Daniel where a child’s doll in full Catholic School dress, is adorned with a crown under the statement: “Our Little Saint David *expletive By Priests”. Often greeted with objection, Carlos’s work featured in “Bedtime Confessions” incorporates coveted social norms and places them in juxtaposition with the suppressed feelings of an underlying religious culture, producing a shock factor with immense substance. Woodwork, paint, religious artifacts, and amusing novelties, are expertly crafted with a naïve perspective into mini confessionals.

Accentuating Carlos’s explicit content is an anecdote of Leah Poller’s “101 Bed Collection”.  The selections exhibited are an extensive view of the artist’s world through intricate brass sculptures, conceptually formed including literary references and tributes to modern artists; Dali, Frieda Kahlo. Leah Poller’s wit and innovation is seen throughout the metaphorical sculptures, but also in an allegorical piece entitled Cactus Bed comprised of a full size bed, covered in cacti, and adorned with intimate details. Leah Poller develops her work from a personal collage of her life’s experiences, which have influenced the growth of her trade and position in the realm of contemporary art.

Prestige in their respective fields have brought them to the doors of Art In Flux Harlem, where the objective of the exhibition lies in the dysfunctional matrimony, between the core of each artist’s work. “Bedtime Confessions” is currently on display at the Art In Flux Harlem gallery and will be exhibited through October 26.  Art In FLUX Harlem is located at 1961 Adam Clayton Powell Jr. Blvd. at 118th Street.  www.artinfluxharlem.com