“Riding A Bad Dream” -Pia Fergus

The short film has become the most gratifying medium for the visual artist and their platform of ideas and concepts. Anxiety, usually guides the film from the trenches of the cerebral into cinematic glory, where the only critique most profitable, is that of your peers and in this age of social acceptance, the rubric in which others judge your work according to what they know so far in that realm. The “categorical imperative”, well let me not go there. Below is a film by Pia Fergus, the young woman featured here: Pia. The Rose. An SVA hopeful, she manages to capture the essence of recording artist Frank Ocean’s single “Sierra Leone”. The film is a direct representation of the creativity and beauty that is the mind of an artist, willing to express herself on the Internet plateau. If you enjoy the film leave a comment, as Pia is a regular visitor of the site and quite interactive, so she may respond to your critique. Enjoy.

Well wishes…