Sartorialist Pick Of The Day


Stripes Told Nothing More And Nothing Less. White For Me: The Sartorialist

The more and more we continue to gaze into each other, we lose what we have in our physical presence, you ask me and I tell you…the innate beauty that you have offered the world, when you adorned your intense demeanor with the warm melodic tune of a the white hue. Speaking volumes as you prepare the canvas you hold on your back, well front, abdomen, left and right shoulder and the triple layered abyss that hovers above your two solid pillars of movement. You notice that I pay less attention to the detail, but the overall compensation of time loss when you smiled and I managed to catch the final two seconds of the gesture, the final seconds of a modern proposal to my camera flash, but I am not the photographer.  I am the muse, the observant student, the reclusive bard of appreciation. I am you, because today I found myself in your dress, but lost my self in our time together. I have enjoyed myself, maybe another time.