Goodmorning, Glory

There is much left to do, the remainder, the dividend the final sector that has to be presented in order for us to reach our historical point, OUR historical point. How dark can the days get, when you know there is so much light in the palm of your hands, channeled from the inner sanctums of your cerebral, sent  divinely from above. How light can the days get when you only understand that what you create now, will help the future of others as well as yourself. How cloudy can the weather seem, when you have the means to cultivate the umbrella that will shelter those who need it the most. With glory on my left sleeve, the arrhythmic beat that is my heart’s core knows the future holds so much more for me than what I have seen thus far. The only thing left to do, is close my demon manufacturing company, the evil I create, the devil I uplift and the vices I use to belligerently destroy the crust of my outer shell, I tell the best stories in the morning and I will  get the most of out life in the morning. I love. So I can continue to live on. How genius is that?