GoodMorning, Glory


The more I wander into time, the more I find that the human psyche  creates ideas and concepts of others that seem probable and most comfortable for themselves in a place of misunderstanding and confusion. As you become a man, well as I become a man, I notice that the pillars, I build now, must remain intact in order for me to survive successfully in a world that consistently tries to destroy, morals and a well-grounded mind.

Are you grounded, I tend to think we all are, but you can be grounded in the wrong things, right things, medium things, just a joke. But the worst thing is grounding your pillars in the concrete or soil of someone else’s validation and preservation. We survive because we are able to immerse and preserve who we are until we are called home, called home. Look at your hand. We need these, you need it. Tangent. Mamie.1950