Pia.The Rose. (Growing),

It is rare to find a gem, when you limit your search to those who claim boisterously of their prized nature. Three months ago, a beautiful soul, managed to cross my path. Pia Fergus, is an intellect, aspiring video director and creative that speaks her heart whenever the chance arises. As our encounter has been one of tumultuous value, I can honestly say she is a pivotal factor in my understanding of who I am, and placing myself on a pedestal of excellence. Pia forever stands in my book as a rose, continuously growing from the loss of her thorns rendering her a gentle being, ready for her place in the garden of glory, we all wish to inhibit as we grow into the individuals we wish to be. This post is a tribute and salutary honor to someone who wishes me well, despite the context of our relationship. This is not a post of favor, but a post of honor. Pia F. Rose (my new nickname for her)  is also a blogger and photographer. Below you can find samples of her work and links to her creation, I wish you well Pia and hope this finds you well. TheBedStuyDandy admires you and Anthony J. Thomas cherishes you. Cheers!

GCCANDPIA: Official Website

N0EDITS: Official Tumblr

Well wishes…