The Sartorialist Pick Of The Day

Dusk, In Scale: The Sartorialist

There is only so much I can tell you. Poised, what? No, that is way too common. The beauty that lies in all of us, has somehow become transversed, into the continuous stream of passion found in the pattern of your ensemble. I know…I am a commoner, you probably had the narrative such as this and others during several periods of the day. But I can tell you that this one, this one makes me feel good. As I follow the silhouette of a woman indeed a treasure, I noticed you only choose adornments that can exemplify the gold that is your body/heart. The sandals, quite the talkative pair, but only when paired with the cocoon hue of the straw bag, which tells me today just might have been a busy day. Am I too busy for you, no! That is the primary reason why I stopped here. Below is heartbreak and you…you are saving me. What I must attest to, is the serpentine print that has found its rest on the interior of your dress, far removed from anything devilish or low to the ground. I can still see you, a portion of this vision is the bright drop earrings, that hang listlessly above the sun-kissed shoulders, I believe in. Today you teased me, you teased us. Only in Milan can I grasp the idea of posing with you spiritually, so I plan my next trip to your heart. Milan, dusk.