Versatile Blogger Award: An Incredible Honor

This past weekend I was nominated by one of multiple dedicated readers of my blog, TheImperfectPerfectionist for the Versatile Blogger Award. I was more than oblivious to the existence of this award and when nominated, became very eager to discover what the details of the nomination entail. As I researched (Google 2.5 second search) I came across the VBA (Versatile Blogger Award) WordPress site, which discusses the guidelines of the award and what one should do if ever given the honor. When nominated by a fellow blogger, you automatically receive the award and it is your sole duty as the nominated blogger, to highlight the site of the beautiful individual who nominated you.

The is a beautifully constructed minimal site, that encompassing the simple basic dynamics of poetry and creative writing. The site channels the energy of intense imagery, love and emotion and does so in conversational tone. I have visited this site regularly,  and I must say the writing on the site invokes passion within me, that usually leads to the progression of my personal morning addresses: “GoodMorning, Glory”. 

So cheers to the Imperfectionperfectionist for the blogging love, as I find it more than an immense honor for others to indulge in your work and who you are, once you type your life into the keys, of the gateway that is the blogsphere. I love this whole ordeal, and I will definitely have my own nominations soon!

Below is one of my favorite pieces included on the site:

Darling Damned….

There is a relationship I have fostered with wildflowers, there in a field, all along the banks of my river… we have been seen lying languidly for hours.

And I have never seen a sunrise that didn’t steal my breath, or leave me a peacefulness that stayed within my breast.

I have never met a canyon rim that didn’t seem to say, ” I’m a place for letting go, for starting over, and for learning how to stay”

And in the night sky you can see my remembering eye…

When the rain falls I feel the tears’ spilling from YOUR eye… and I know by their intensity if it was intended as laughter, or a cry… to howl through the trees- and bring me to my knees in aching longing to heal you. In those moments sometimes, I pretend you’re spilling out and on to my skin so I can feel you.

In the darkness, cloaked by a cloudy sky… I meet my maker, and look her in the eye… I stand taller now than she planned… and I am still her child, no longer the darling damned.-Imperfectionperfectionist

Well wishes…