GoodMorning, Glory

Tears cannot save us, from what you thought to be an exit. As I dig deeper, I find that I cannot exit. Exit from the empty chasm that is my love, the dark corner that consumed the ordeal, that led me to deal and bring forth a new bouquet of a flower, so unimaginable for you. Familial respect, professional reference and closed eyes. Arguments arise, tears drown out the positive, bringing the negative on a travel worth sailing in order to reach happiness. This post cries, I do as well, well I used to try too, until I did not receive any help from your rescue system. So I drowned in my work, drowned in the success that I am endowed. So why do I fret, when I know what I know now, is minuscule to what I will know and see by the end of this year, as well as years to come. To be honest, I may be ignorant to the beauty and glory that is on its way, but intellect grows over time. We grow over time, we can still grow together, but the empty field is so appealing when you close your eyes. Gives us time to dream. Goodmorning.