The Sartorialist Pick Of The Day

If Classic Was Chosen: The Sartorialist

Classic, the only idea I introduced, when you looked my way. My perspective as sentimental as it is, I chose classic. You may seem removed from what lies in the contemporary feel of desire, but I believe we have a genuine understanding.

The natural context of your hair, never requires or entertains artificial happiness, but a feeling needed to  highlight the beautiful ebony face, that justifies the healthy, beauty of your crown. I am sorry, I continue to use the word, beautiful…I can honestly say glory resonates throughout your posture, comfortability in your reclusive sandals and the insatiable glimmer in the corner of your eye. Black and white…sure, we can color the world with your brown palette, that illuminates the pattern you have chosen to wardrobe your heart, as you walk the historical streets of Brooklyn.

One day we will meet, well we already have…nice to meet you, my name is searching for enlightenment.