The Coveted “Niche”: Bailey, Colby and B&C Studios

Photography Credits: Kyle Bailey and David Bynoe

So you want to create a renaissance? A new system…employing every aspect of the film culture and essence, that is the African American Diaspora. But wait, the objective is to certainly diversify, while preserving the rich history that has brought you to the forefront of your social platform, right? With multiple dreams and wishes to change the arts for the better, how does one designate their “niche” as the most prominent? This sounds so appealing, but you must meet the two individuals and camp, that are creating the floor plan of this visual renaissance. I introduce to you, Kyle Bailey, John Colby and B&C Studios.

Renaissance is such an overused term; we all want a renaissance but fail to build the components needed to change the system. On a warm afternoon, our souls spoke on what mattered the most, the progression of the black culture, or the cultivation of our own profession and dream. The denominator of the conversation remained rooted in utilizing our color, as a tool that can not only paint the industry, but also reconstruct a system that includes minimal advances and numerous closed doors. Knee deep in the arts, the route to innovation comes few and far between but time spent studying the flaws, disadvantages and repetitive ideas, the path to creating anew becomes rather clear. From this analysis, Bailey and a few others decided the only journey worth documenting, involves a group ready and willing to produce new ideas. Shortly after, B&C studios became the muscle Bailey plans to strengthen, in order to fuel the dynamics of his visual body.

The strength of an army lies not only in the muscle or brute force of the soldier, but the utilization of strategy and tactic that leads to a well executed mission.  The mission not only guides and measures the success of the army, but also the brilliance of the leader, who designed and constructed the floor plan. In the field of the visual arts, the eye for detail is but a mere quality needed to prosper. Kyle Bailey and John Colby, two of many contemporary cinematographers’ have dedicated time, into delivering history and introducing change to the almost stagnant, film industry.

Colby’s expertise as well as poignant history within the realm of videography, compliments Bailey’s intense hungry, young spirit. Vision, yes vision. Vision can kill a man, or bring another from despair and failure. Bailey’s vision requires the hands of others, who will not only help bring his plan into fruition, but view his vision as one ready for implementation, in order to bring forth the renaissance Bailey seeks to lead.

B&C Studios embodies the entrepreneurial spirit, Bailey has continuously expressed in both his personal and business endeavors. The burden of another’s success can at most, drive the most confident man to the realm of insanity but much of the power belongs to the dependency, which pushes and asks for dedication.

So how does the B&C team match up to Bailey’s vision: “We all just want to prosper and continue to push the industry to new heights, the main measure is the consensus of diversifying who we are in order to succeed”. These words stand at the forefront of the B&C Studios pinnacle cultivation, and proves there is much more to success than the strong wish of dream manifestation.

With so much said, the only thing to do now, is to prove. In the most cliche way possible, I will leave with a formal: Stay tuned!

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