Feature: Hey Hey Chante! (AfricaInAmerica: Art Collective Exhibition)

The beauty of creating is always and forever will be, the favor you receive when it is recognized as well as appreciated. The rose never lives to tell itself how beautiful it is, so I make it my duty to do so for myself, whenever I can. With this parable stated, I am more than elated to express my extreme gratification of my project’s AfricaInAmerica, first official feature on the wonderful site, of blogger Chante DeLong: Hey Hey Chante!

The feature includes the work of the entire collective including: Carisa A. Bledsoe, Howard D. Borden, Amanda Spruill, Distinguish, and Brooklyn. Well written, flawless photography are all but two mere aspects of the feature…I forgot to include me, hahaha.

Provided below is an excerpt of the article, not too much though, we need you to visit the site.  Thank you Chante, how about I feature you next?

Photography Credits: Shane Velazquez

“The main thing this young man urges is for people to be true to themselves, and he hopes to set an example for others to do so. “To do me is soul, this is life… My mother had me to be a gem, not to be a rock.” His words of wisdom to the world are: “You don’t need academic training, just do you! Your first piece in life is love… Put God first, pray, and believe in your dreams.” – Chante DeLong