Athens: New Renaissance (Athens II)

In order to build a renaissance what do you need? Well, this question has killed men, taken dreams and given millions to this day, a reason to wake up and live out their passion for the better of their soul. Well the equation I present to you employs a little bit more, a new medium. War, no. Literary innovations…maybe. But the most important aspect of this equation, lies in the planning and thought process in creating something more memorable, more permanent. 

Athens: New Renaissance (Athens II)  will digitally release in less than a week. I am elated to be a part of a community of individuals who see the true essence of an artist in their platform cultivation, opposed to their full glory. From personal experience and observation, I can honestly say this publication has grown, from a small start up, to a print powerhouse.

How does that sound Bria, too eager? Might as well state the obvious now, right.

Athens II: 8.8.12